Thunderbird to PST Conversion

Ease in Thunderbird to PST conversion like never before with the Pro!

To convert Thunderbird to PST format of windows outlook does not have to be a problematic proposition for those people who are not adept at technology. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has been created keeping in mind the common people who do not have the time and expertise required to deal with the task. It is also the perfect fit for professional settings as it is perfectly capable of providing all the specific requirements one could have from a mail converter.

The key features Thunderbird to PST Conversion software

One can easily find dozens of software which would claim to convert Thunderbird to PST smoothly, but none matches the skill of this software. It has got the capacity to deftly convert data without any errors; it is safe for all sorts of data. Its special features are mentioned below in detail, have a look!

Thunderbird to PST

Splits large pst files for convenience

When using this software one can easily keep the size of the output pst files in check, one is free to set the size to the one they find appropriate. Converting pst files that are too large in size can prove to be a nuisance, so split them as per your need. This makes importing them to windows outlook easier. Also, this software can detect the empty files and ignore them. After all, converting empty files to the pst format and discovering them later is not a cheerful proposition.

Batch conversion to save time

Converting multiple files from the Thunderbird to PST can be quite challenging, that is why bulk conversion facility is available with this software. One does not have to convert the files individually, thus they can save themselves not only time but also from the frustration resulting from it.

Preserves folder hierarchy and auto-loads entire database

The dedicated programming framework of this software is perfect to keep the folder hierarchy unaffected during the conversion process. So, one does not have to deal with scattered files after the conversion is complete.

This software auto-loads the entire database so one does not have to do it manually. As one clicks on ‘auto-load’ the database gets ready for the conversion on its own. One just has to click on the client- Thunderbird and the files would be loaded automatically by the software.

Converts all details and compatible with double-byte characters

As emails tend to carry various types of data, this software is perfect to keep them safe. Using ordinary software to process mail data can harm them extensively or leave the process incomplete. This software is on the other hand capable of preserving the metadata, read-unread status, timestamps etc. They are all converted without any flaws in integrity as this software can process all of those types of data.

Some languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese use double-byte characters. This software converts data in those languages quite easily as it can recognize and preserve them.

Download this software from the link below or try out its free demo version.

Get it at

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